Reproduction and spawning patterns of Atule mate (Cuvier, 1833) in the Persian Gulf & Oman Sea, Hormozgan coastal waters

صفحه 640-649
A. Najafi Nasab؛ E. Kamrani؛ F. Kaymaram؛ M.R. Fatemi؛ E. Ramazani Fard


Growth performance and energy budget of the yellowfin seabream, Acanthopagrus arabicus (Iwatsuki, 2013) affected by the combined effects of water temperature and salinity

صفحه 650-670
M. Ghasemi؛ B. Doustshenas؛ R. Abdi؛ M. Torfi Mozanzadeh؛ J. Kavousi


Extraction and characterization of collagen from the skin and bone of shabout (Arabibarbus grypus Heckel, 1843)

صفحه 671-687
M. Göçer


The effects of rearing Pacific white-leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei Boone, 1931) in biofloc system on the immune responses and survival rate in challenge with Vibrio harveyi

صفحه 705-725
Z. Abdirad؛ B. Ghaednia؛ M. Mirbakhsh؛ S. Kakoolaki؛ R.G. Vaghei


Use of chitosan to shelf life extension of Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri) caviar

صفحه 726-740
Biglar Khorram؛ Abasali Motalebi؛ Vadood Razavilar


Determining the optimal time for artificial propagation in Hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) based on thyroid and steroid hormones levels

صفحه 741-757
Asad Asadi Eidivand؛ Mohammad Mousavi؛ SEyed Reza Fatemi Tabatabei؛ Mohammad Zakeri؛ Nasim Zanguee


Hepatic CYP450 gene expression, hematological and biochemical indices in Caspian roach (Rutilus caspius) induced by Endosulfan

صفحه 758-768
M. Tajari؛ A. Kamali؛ H. Rajabi Islami؛ H Paknejad


The application of seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa in Karawang, Indonesia, as an enrichment material for antibacterial soap production

صفحه 769-784
Muhammad Fadhlullah؛ Liliek Soeprijadi؛ Susi Ratnaningtyas؛ Iman Mukhaimin


An analysis of the maximum economic yield of Kilka fisheries in the southern Caspian Sea

صفحه 785-797
S.A. Taghavimotlagh؛ G.R. Daryanabard؛ A. Vahabnezhad


The effect of using hydrolyzed protein prepared from the viscera of rainbow trout in the fish diet on its shelf life at ambient temperature

صفحه 798-815
S. Yeganeh؛ A. Nosratimovafagh؛ Sh. Javaherdoust


The feeding and reproductive habits of Saurida tumbil and Rastrelliger kanagurata in the northern Oman Sea

صفحه 816-828
M. Doustdar؛ S.A. Hashemi؛ R. Rahmati


Effects of glazing and coriander (Coriandrum sativum) leave extract on chemical spoilage indices in narrow-barred Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson) fillets during frozen storage

صفحه 829-848
S.F. Hosseini؛ A.A. Motalebi؛ N. Rokni؛ M. Sharif Rohani


Phytoplankton bloom (Cyanobacteria: Nodularia spumigena) in the southwestern Caspian Sea off Anzali, July 2021

صفحه 849-858
S. Bagheri؛ S. Khatib؛ J. Sabkara؛ Y. Zahmatkesh


Beak length analysis for the identification of two morphologically similar species common names Uroteuthis edulis (Hoyle, 1885) and Uroteuthis duvaucelii (D'Orbigny, 1835) (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae) in the southern East China Sea

صفحه 859-863
linlin Yang؛ yazhou Jiang؛ zunlei Liu؛ shengfa Li

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